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D-Day Revisited Restoration Project

Revisited restoration project

MIT is pleased to be supporting the spectacular restoration of a 63ft long World War II Anti-Submarine Boat, saving a piece of British engineering history.

Bought by D-Day Revisited in April 2016, the restoration project will be overseen by Cokebuster Technology with final sea trials taking place for commissioning in time for the 75th D-Day anniversary in June 2019.

MA/SB 27 was first commissioned in 1941 from the Hythe Yard of the British Power Boat Company and went straight into various service for the Royal Navy until it was decommissioned in 1945.

For D-Day Revisited, the historical significance of MA/SB 27 is its part in the Normandy Landings of June 1944. Research shows that 27 lead the US 1st division into its assault on Omaha beach.

MIT, as part of the power-train suppliers, will via Cummins supply three marine gears which will be coupled to three Cummins 550HP engines, giving the vessel an almost identical performance to its original engines.

Shipyard: Cokebusters

Owner: D-Day Revisited

Type of vessel: Motor Anti-Submarine Boat

Commissioned: Originally commission 1941

Main Engines: Cummins QSB 6.7

Total Power: 550HP x 3

Marine Gears: MGX5065 A & MGX5075 IV

Overall length: LOA: 63ft (19.2m)

Top Speed: In excess of 45 knots

The full background of the MA/SB27 and its complete restoration project can be read HERE.

Case study with thanks to Cokebusters, for further information, please visit,

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