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Gearbox overhaul for Commercial Rib Charters



Shipyard: South Boats Isle of Wight, 2010

Model: South Catamaran 16m

Design: South Boats Special Projects Ltd

Engine: 2x Scania DI16 42M

Total Power: 2x 650hp @ 2100rpm

Marine Gears: 2x Twin Disc MGX-5135SC

Ratio: 1.28:1

Propulsion System: 2x MJP 452 Waterjet

Top speed: 25 knots

Dimensions:  16m LOA, 6.3m Beam, 0.9m Draft

Use: Crew Transfer and Survey Vessel

Purchased by Commercial Rib Charter in 2020, CRC Vulcan is a capable shallow draft crew transfer vessel complete with survey pole and A-Frame for assisting on surveying and ROV projects.



MIT and Commercial Rib Charter (CRC) are celebrating a successful partnership this winter following the full strip-down and repair of five Twin Disc Quickshift gearboxes. From their southern service centre in Queenborough, MIT fully dismantled each gearbox in turn over a number of weeks before carefully detailing all findings in a service report, sourcing new parts and then refitting, testing and painting each unit.

Two of the Twin Disc MGX-5135SC gearboxes had reached over 10,000 hours of service coupled to Scania DI16 engines and MJP waterjets on the 16m Crew Transfer Vessel, CRC Vulcan. Although a drive coupling and snap ring had to be repaired on one unit, all clutch plates and the general internal condition was surprisingly good for their age.

Two Twin Disc MGX-509SC units were also stripped and serviced following 5,000 hours of service fitted to Iveco Cursor 9 inboard diesels, again powering waterjets on a crew transfer vessel catamaran. As part of ‘proactive maintenance’ on these units, drive plates, coupling rubbers and all seals were renewed.

During the quieter winter months, CRC has this year embarked on an ambitious refit schedule for several of its vessels to ensure faultless reliability for its clients. In a typical year, these vessels can expect 1,000-2,000 hours added their machinery, often working 24/7 during the summer.

With over 30 vessels ranging from 4m – 20m, Commercial Rib Charter own and operate the largest fleet of commercial Cabin Ribs in Europe, along with a growing selection of catamarans, ideal for wind farm construction and maintenance, survey and ROV projects, nearshore cable landings, and guard/safety boat charters.

We have been very impressed with MIT’s quality of work with these gearbox overhauls and believe we have extended their working lives for many years with this investment. MIT’s professionalism and expertise is unrivalled in the UK and we look forward to working with them again.  Jack Weller – Operations Manager, Commercial Rib Charters

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