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Bow thruster and seal overhaul

In the dynamic world of cruise ships, where passenger safety and operational efficiency are paramount, MIT recently undertook a critical project during a cruise ship’s annual docking. This comprehensive case study delves deeper into our successful bow thruster repair endeavour, focusing on blade foot seal replacements and the thorough inspection, refurbishment, and polishing of all thruster propellers.

The Challenge:

Each year, as cruise ships undergo essential maintenance during their annual dry docking, meticulous attention is paid to their bow thrusters. These vital components are pivotal in the vessel’s manoeuvrability, especially during intricate port manoeuvres and docking procedures. All four bow thrusters required maintenance and refurbishment in this project to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Project description

MIT’s team of experienced engineers and skilled partners embarked on a meticulously planned and executed repair project, adhering to the highest standards in the maritime industry. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of our approach:

  • Comprehensive Inspection: The project commenced with a thorough inspection of all four bow thrusters. This crucial step aimed to identify any existing issues and accurately assess the extent of required repairs. The inspection identified that the blade foot seals needed replacement in line with scheduled docking requirements and the bow thruster propellers required refurbishment.


  • Blade Foot Seal Replacement: To preserve the integrity of the thrusters and ensure water-tightness, we embarked on the replacement of blade foot seals working in conjunction with the ship superintendent and the shipyard. These seals are pivotal in preventing water ingress into the thruster assembly and are critical for safeguarding the entire system.


  • Propeller Refurbishment: Our skilled partners meticulously inspected every thruster propeller to optimize thrust efficiency and minimize cavitation. Any imperfections, damage, or fouling were meticulously addressed. The propellers were then subject to precise and thorough refurbishment procedures, ensuring they were in pristine condition.


  • Testing and Stringent Quality Assurance: Before finalizing the project, we subjected each bow thruster to rigorous testing. This comprehensive evaluation was conducted to guarantee that every thruster operated flawlessly, meeting our exacting standards for performance and safety


Heightened Safety: The repair and replacement efforts ensured the cruise ship maintained its exceptional manoeuvrability, contributing to enhanced safety during port operations and docking procedures.

Boosted Efficiency: The meticulous propeller inspections and refurbishment procedures improved thrust efficiency, leading to more efficient navigation and reduced fuel consumption.

Extended Lifespan: The comprehensive replacements and maintenance work effectively extended the lifespan of the bow thrusters, diminishing the need for frequent repairs and downtime.


The successful completion of this project had a significant impact on the cruise ship’s operational capabilities. When the vessel left the dry dock, it boasted four fully restored and optimized bow thrusters, ensuring peak manoeuvrability and safety throughout its upcoming voyages. MIT’s unwavering dedication to maritime excellence and safety shone brightly throughout this project. Our successful repair of all four bow thrusters during the annual docking exemplified our commitment to the marine industry, showcasing our expertise and capabilities and the value we can offer via our network of industry leading partners.




Contact Us:

If you require similar repair and maintenance services for your maritime assets, please do not hesitate to contact MIT. Our experienced team stands ready to deliver outstanding results for your upcoming projects, ensuring your vessels’ continued reliability and safety.

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