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Aftermarket support for Impact Crusher in Croatia

When a crucial clutch failure occurred in an impact crusher in Croatia, our MIT team quickly responded with the expertise and efficiency our customers have come to expect. This case study highlights our team’s skill and experience in handling a challenging situation with a customer’s failed clutch, showcasing our ability to deliver results under pressure.

Remote Diagnosis and On-Site Support

Initially providing remote support, our team performed a thorough analysis to understand the issue. Despite the distance, we guided the on-site personnel through the preliminary steps. Recognising the situation’s complexity, we dispatched one of our expert team members to Lager to establish the root cause of the failure.

In-depth investigation and Solution Implementation

Upon arrival, our team member carried out a meticulous inspection, identifying that the unit’s orifice plugs were blocked by solids, rubber, and fibre material. This contamination prompted the decision to replace the entire system, including new hoses, a cooler, and the KPTO coupling.

Photographic evidence of worn components and a detailed examination of the previous unit’s temperature sticker indicated that the system had not overheated, suggesting mechanical rather than thermal issues.


Precision and Perseverance

With the KPTO unit removed, it became evident that derailed belts had compromised the output seal, leading to the system’s contamination. Our team swiftly fitted a new 21KPTO unit, cooler module, and hoses, ensuring clean oil was used throughout the process. Belts were realigned and adjusted, ensuring optimal performance.


Rigorous Testing and Continuous Monitoring

Post-installation, the crusher was started and rigorously tested, with the team closely monitoring for leaks and system stability. The crusher was put through its paces, working at 80+% engine load in high ambient temperatures, with the unit maintaining a consistent temperature, affirming the success of our intervention.

Testing  and monitoring

Comprehensive Follow-Up

The two contaminated units were sent back to our workshop in Hensall, in Yorkshire, where they underwent a full dismantle, clean, and inspection, following Transfluid specifications. This meticulous approach not only addressed the immediate issue but also provided insights into preventing future occurrences.



Our team’s ability to combine remote expertise with on-the-ground presence and action exemplifies MIT’s commitment to service excellence. The rapid and detailed response to our customer’s needs in Croatia underscores our position as leaders in the industry. It’s not just about fixing a problem—it’s about providing peace of mind and ensuring operational continuity for our clients.

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