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Another successful Transfluid HFO package installed!

Another successful Transfluid HFO package installed!

Another successful Transfluid HFO package installed – saving our customers time and money!

Our industrial team have again been replacing a HPTO12 clutch, this time on a Terex Powerscreen mobile crusher!

The unit in question was failing to disengage, which upon inspection was due to worn components.

Our customer approached their current clutch manufacturer to investigate repair and replacement options but found their current clutch model now needed to be replaced with a newer model, requiring a new control system, wiring and harness. The new clutch was of considerable cost and not economical; this left the customer with no alternative but to consider other options.

MIT was contacted and asked to look for a solution, and our Trasnslfuid HFO314 heavy-duty retrofit package fitted the bill!

Our engineers could replace the HPTO12TS-100 clutch without the need for an upgrade to software or wiring.

The Translfuid HFO314 dimensionally fits the HPTO12TS-100 footprint, making our retrofit kit simple to install and cost-effective.

Our team worked on-site to ensure the clutch was fully optimised and the customer’s machinery was back to complete working order within one day!

We are delighted with the retrofit solution as we know the Transfluid technology well from clutches fitted to other machinery. We appreciate the simplicity of the HFO314KV clutch design and how it handles heavy-duty applications with ease.  – William Ellis, Central Demolition Ltd