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MIT have launched a new range of AC Electric Thrusters, called the Seaworker Dualis.   The new thruster is a result of a further collaboration between Italian company CMC Marine and MIT. 

The new thrusters are designed primarily for commercial vessels but larger pleasure boats can benefit from the same system.  AC state of the art powered thrusters, the Seawork Dualis have a range of models from 18 to 130kW.  They can either be retro fitted as bow only or as bow and stern packages or can be included in new build.


•    Low Volume (30% less volume than standard thrusters)
•    Low Weight (60% less than standard thrusters) 
•    Eliminates need for messy, complicated and high maintenance hydraulics
•    Use of advanced industrial components
•    Reduced external surface
•    High efficient pod profile
•    Special treated bushings
•    Dual counter rotating propellers 
•    Custom made helicoidal gears 
•    Triple seals on propeller shaft 


Seaworker Marine Thruster

User Benefits 

•    Maximum efficiency
•    Minimum maintenance
•    Low noise level
•    Maximum reliability
•    Longer components lifetime
•    Compact unit dimensions
•    Easier installation
•    Heavy duty use
•    No piping need
•    Hydrodynamic resistance reduced to a minimum

Seaworker Marine Thruster

The Seaworker Dualis thrusters unit are  also supplied with aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically designed, proportional helm control levers.


Visit the Seaworker website


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